The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization uniting its members for the realization of the goals and objectives defined by the Chambers of Commerce in the Russian Federation Act and the Chamber Charter. The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation represents the interests of small, medium and large businesses and it comprises all business sectors – industry, domestic and foreign trade, agriculture, financial system services. The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation – contributes to the development of the Russian economy and its integration into the world economic system, creating favorable conditions for the development of all business activities. The goals and objectives of the CCI of Russia:

  • to promote the modernization of the economy, wide application of innovation, attraction of investments;
  • protect the interests of business community in public authorities and autonomous bodies; creation of an effective system of expert evaluation of draft legislative and normative acts in the interests of business people;
  • development of relations with business circles of foreign countries, international business organizations; facilitating settlement of civil legal disputes, development of arbitration;
  • spreading the principles of civilized business and social responsibility in the business environment;
  • the formation of a positive image of Russian producers of goods and services.

The system of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce consolidates 178 regional chambers of commerce; more than 200 unions, associations and other business associations at the federal and 500 business associations at the regional level, representing the key sectors of the Russian economy; about 50 thousand enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership. The Chamber of Commerce of Russian system has 35 committees in various areas of activities and business sectors and over 1,000 committees, commissions, councils and other public units established by territorial chambers.

The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation supports the work of more than 70 Russian business councils with foreign countries. The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation – a member of the World Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the Association of Chambers of Commerce of the European countries (Euro Chamber), the Council of the heads of CCI of CIS member states, the Confederation of Chambers of Commerce of countries the Asia-Pacific region and other international and regional organizations. Commerce and Industry Chamber of the Russian Federation provides the following services:

  • Examination of goods and services;
  • assessment of the property;
  • exhibition and trade fair and congress activities;
  • protection of intellectual property;
  • execution of documents related to the implementation of foreign economic activity (certificates of origin, carnet ATA, etc.), the testimony of force majeure circumstances, customs of trade and port;
  • information services and legal advice;
  • keeping of nongovernmental registers of experts in goods inspection and assessment activities, register of reliable partners;
  • execution of permits for the opening of the Russian Federation, representatives of foreign companies and organizations.


The “World Trade Center”, “Expocentre”, “Soyuzpatent”, “Soyuzexpertiza” are well-known not only in Russia, but also abroad, as well as more than 350 other companies and enterprises established with participation of CCI and regional CCI. They form the service infrastructure f0r business at the federal and regional levels. Affiliated authorities to Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Chamber act to resolve and settle economic disputes:

  • International Commercial Arbitration Court
  • The arbitral tribunal for resolution of economic disputes
  • Maritime arbitration commission
  • Sports arbitration
  • Association of Average Adjusters
  • Panel of Mediators for the conciliation procedures

International press center of the Russian CCI  organizes up to 100 press conferences and briefings a year for journalists on the results: with regard of the most important activities of the Chamber; Meeting of the President and the leadership of the Russian CCI; adoption of major legislative and government documents. The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation is the founder of the media group “CCI-Inform” and issue internet-portal of the Russian CCI (, network edition “CCI-Inform Commercial and Industrial Gazette» (http: / /, magazine ” CCI RF Partner”, magazine “CCI-Inform: Review of Russian business”, magazine “Expo Vedomosti”. Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation is-the successor to the rich traditions of Russian Industrialists and entrepreneurs, to the experience of interaction with the public and authorities.

With the assistance of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce are set up: Mercury Club, where representatives of business and media discuss with the participation of politicians and public figures the problems of development of the Russian economy, business support projects and economic programs. Waifs Center is a charitable foundation established by the Chamber in the development of one of the best traditions of the Russian business – charity and philanthropy. Commercial and Industrial Pension Fund is socially-oriented project of the entire system of the CCI designed to provide pension services to enterprises and individuals without any restrictions. The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation holds annual competitions “Golden Mercury” of the National Award in the field of business and the All-Russian competition of journalists “Economic Revival of Russia”.